Involved employees

Several staff members of PXL University of Applied Sciences, participate in the concept of 360° and Virtual Reality (VR):

Wouter Hustinx is Head of Research of the PXL Centre of Educational Innovation.

Steven Palmaers is Head of Research of the PXL Centre of Expertise Smart ICT. He coordinates the different projects, follows-up on new leads and has the general overview of all activities. Steven holds a MSc in Computer Science / Knowledge Engineering from Hasselt University and Maastricht University. Steven’s main interest is the application of emerging and enabling technologies in different domains, such as Healthcare, Education, Tourism and Sports. He is also a bit of a gadget freak.

Michaël Empsen is a researcher in the PXL Centre of Educational Innovation. He is currently involved in two European projects, focusing on 360° and VR on the one hand and supporting K-12 teachers in the use of technology for personalized learning on the other. Michaël holds a bachelor’s degree as teacher for primary education and a master’s degree of Science in Educational Studies. His main professional interests lie in the area of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL).

Simon Verbeke is a researcher in applied computer science, with a focus on 3D software and VR. Simon has a lifelong fondness for computer games, leading to researching ways to apply game technology in other contexts, mainly in education.

Joachim Gregoor is a lecturer in nursing sciences and researcher at the PXL Care Innovation. He is mainly involved in research on the implementation of electronic learning within professional care institutions and he is responsible for the development of (360°) videos for the immersive room of the Trauma and life support centre within the PXL university.

Ilona Stouten is lecturer in the electromechanics study programme and a researcher in the PXL Centre of Expertise Construction & Energy. She is involved in two projects, focusing on VR learning modules and AR/VR in the maintain and operate phase of buildings. Ilona holds a master’s degree of Science in electromechanics. Her main professional interests lie in the area of mechanics, BIM and VR/AR technologie in different domains.

Marie Evens is a researcher at the PXL Centre of Educational Innovation and teaches in the educational master in (audio)visual arts at PXL-MAD School of Arts. Marie has a PhD in educational sciences (KU Leuven), for which she did research about online learning environments. Her current research interest is situated in the domains of instructional psychology, instructional design and educational technology.

Koen Vandenhoudt is Master of Education (MEd) and teacher educator at PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts. His expertise lies in the domains of digital didactics, media literacy and educational innovation. He conducts research on the use of tablets in education, distance learning in higher education and VR in education. He is also chairman of Vicli, the Flemish ICT Coordinators League.