Connecting a VR headset to Vivista

First of all, it is important to know that it is only possible to connect a VR headset with computer support to Vivista. A headset that works with a smartphone or a standalone headset (*With the exception of the Oculus Quest) is not compatible with Vivista. The images below of each variant serve as visual support.

At this moment (15/11/2019) we can recommend the headsets below, together with an information sheet on how to connect them to Vivista:

VR headsets from oculus

*Note: if you don’t have an Oculus account yet, it has been mandatory since October 2020 to sign up with a Facebook account.

Oculus Rift

How to connect an Oculus Rift to

Oculus Rift S

How to connect an Oculus Rift S to Vivista?

Oculus Quest

How to connect an Oculus Quest to Vivista?

VR headsets from HTC

HTC Vive

How to connect an HTC Vive to Vivista?

HTC Vive Cosmos

How to connect an HTC Vive Cosmos to Vivista?