Watching the 360° video lesson

A 360°-video enriched with the Vivista-Editor can only be viewed with the Vivista-Player. The button below is connected to the page to download this software. Clicking on this button will take you directly to the download page. The video below this button, shows the process to download and install this software.

Download page

When you open the Vivista-Player, you will see a window with the different enriched 360°-videos. To open it, simply select the desired video and click on ‘play’. In addition, there is also an import function in the Vivista-Player, so you have the possibility to import enriched 360°-videos of others in your own video library. For example, a student can receive an enriched 360°-video from his/her lecturer, after which the student can import it into his/her own video library. The following video shows how to do this.

This video is in development.